3rd world countries, the Trillion Dollar business Center's!

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“Classification of Countries? There are already classifications based on Colors, Directions, Religions, Business, wealth and poverty! In what way your idea of classification is going to differ from these?” I asked him.
With a smile and a nod, he replied, “KNOWLEDGE!

It was a new theater in the town and the first multiplex in our locality!
Everyone was so excited in catching a movie there irrespective of the interest in that movie.
It is so close to my house and I couldn’t handle the tempt that crowd gives me whenever I pass the theater!
These are the times, where I spend a whole Sunday for a movie by travelling to COIMBATORE just for a good theatrical experience of that movie! (if I have positive reviews)
It was “THANI ORUVAN” running at that time. I had a ticket for a night show starts @10:30 in that multiplex!
The only thing the director haven’t touched about scientific fiction was rocket science! The good thing he did is, making the story in a believable way. The movie was completely about politics and conspiracies in our country! but, there’s a single dialogue which got the attention of me
“How could a private hospital provide Infrastructure and facilities better than a Government hospital?”
This single line of dialogue costs my sleep the full night. There are several questions in my mind, it’s not just with medical field but, with other fields like Education, protection, production and service too.
This made me to refer to my uncle “ANTHUVAN” about what’s happening in our country? (colloquially, behind the scenes and bloopers in real life). That’s the first time I heard about 3rdWorldCountries
Earlier with this concept of division, I thought there are only 2 sections in this world.
Those are “Developed Countries and “Developing Countries” then, it’s not just 2 but, there are 4 class of division that is determining the fate of everyone!
“Classification of Countries? There are already classifications based on Colors, Directions, Religions, Business, wealth and poverty! In what way your idea of classification is going to differ from these?” I asked him.
With a smile and a nod, he replied, “KNOWLEDGE
“Who are all? / Which countries are classified under 3rd world order and how?”, I rushed.
“For that question to be answered, you should question your own common sense!”, he replied politely.
The views and concepts were analyzed and discussed are thoughts got while digging information from the national and international media with the help of some conspiracies for clarification. These are not intention to hurt anyone’s feeling if so, we are not responsible for that. The direction towards pointing out a country’s name in the example are for reader’s idea for their infrastructure and political stands. The classification of countries is up to the reader and we don’t take any responsibility for that.
If you end up doing Search Guru (GOOGLE)
“Who are all 3rd World Countries?” The answer you will be getting is, “Countries which have close relationship with U.S are First World countries, those with Soviet Union are Second world and the rest are 3rd world. These classifications are based on the relationship of these countries while the WORLD WAR 2 and COLD WAR was happening”
Think about it once again after finishing the blog, you might be getting an idea of their mind from the above paragraph!
“To have a basic idea about this classification, you must know how the other 3 are differentiated from the 3rd. so, let’s start from the top of the order. Shall we begin?” he paused inducing my thirst.
Without any idea of what I’m going to hear for the next 10 mins, I just nodded.
“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” Albert Einstein
“Let’s begin with the Dominator of Dominators”, he started acknowledging me about the
“These class of people (country) works on sustainable growth. The growth of the country should not concentrate on one particular field but, on everything. Their Concept of growth is Gradual. This is not every country will think”, he paused. The thoughts about my country waved in my head about concentrating only on IT strikes hard.
He continued, “Here, the Government (only) decides the standards for the country in Funding, Developing, providing and satisfying all the needs of the country. In simple term, ‘the country works on itself, for itself, by itself’. These are sectioned like

  • The requirement of healthy living (Good air, pure Water, calm environment)
  • The requirement of second supplements (Good Food, Transportation, Entertainment). These are satisfied either through domestic or through imports.
  • The process of Development and Prosperity (A Good infrastructure for Businesses without affecting the environment, Protection, Health Care, Education). To be specifically noted, everything should be on Top standards.” He stopped.

This may sound confusing to you at the beginning. Later you’ll get clear from the next classifications he described.
The silence from his mouth made me to curiously ask him, “this is it?”
With a confusing smile he replied, “Yes! My dear boy. What do you expect? A secret code for a nuclear launch?” he turned his face the other side to sip a coffee, that line of poor joke made me to feel a pumpkin face. Before my next question, he resumed where he left
“But, attaining these is the major problem young man. You simply cannot do that in a developing country. There, people will caste their vote based on what the country is going to achieve. Here, people will vote their caste based on what they are going to achieve. And, there’s a lot of difference in that”
Now, I really wanted a nuclear code to eradicate this system. But, in silence I thought about only 3 countries facing the standards he described above that too, after hearing about the “Second world countries” those countries are ISRAEL, NORWAY and VATICAN.
“Shall we go for the next one in our eyes?”, he asked in a high pitch.
“Sure”, I replied in a low tone.
“So, here come’s our Dictator’s, ‘The SECOND WORLD COUNTRIES’”,
while he continued, I interrupted him with questions like, “Dictators? To whom? Why not the First world countries?” I hyped!
Without any tense he politely continued, “yeah! To whom is what you have to be clear!
They are the dictators of the third world countries. These countries are actually like Pet Dogs to the first world countries, Aggressive outside but, remains loyal to the owner. No first world country will use any third world countries as their direct PAWN! The influence will always be there with a second world country”. He stopped for me to raise my questions this time.
As expected, I asked, “why the 1st world is not the dictator? Why they want a sub-ordinate for their role?”, looking puzzled!
Like a saint answering, he replied,
if a boss is working on a task that has to completed then, he is no longer a BOSS!”
I received too many answers from that single line. “what are their characteristics?”, I continued.
“Here, the Government and some private organization decides the standard for themselves! (50/50%). wondering who are those privates?”, his smiley face gave a pass and continued. well, you know the answer! obviously the 1st world owners, I thought.

  • “The requirement of a healthy living is not ensured completely! But there will be an image that, they are going towards it. end of the day report shows no improvement at all or the improvement will be with the help of a first world interference!
  • In the requirement of second supplements, there will be an amount of production in the state side, rest will be given or taken from 3rd world countries.
  • Considering process of development and prosperity, the 1st world will play a game by not letting it have in hand. but why?” he wants to test my observance

“It’s because, when they become self-sufficient, they will become a developed country and wont demand any help from the first world. Obviously, they (1st World) don’t want to lose their security dog. then, who will work for them?”, hoping that, I answered correct!
Without any words that smiley face continued,
“all these development and prosperity process will be taking place in every part of the world but, without the 1st world interference! The answer will always be a big NO!
In the silence after that NO, I know we came for the 3rd world countries! And, I was already pronouncing the names of these Dictators. Obviously, AMERICA, RUSSIA, GULF COUNTRIES and most EUROPEAN COUNTRIES
2nd .png
“Are you ready for the hero of the topic?”, his question has so much enthusiasm.
I simply nodded with a smile and thought, we are not going to talk about the hero’s but, the fools!
By the time I finish thinking the word fools, he asked me “what do you think about fools?”
I was shocked, to keep the conversation up, I replied, “those who does stupid things”, “and refuse to believe that thing is stupid!”, he added.
what if these people form in large groups and constitutes a nation?”, his question was immediately answered with a single word, “3rd world countries?”. The smile turns to a laugh!
Before breaking, he continues to describe it,

  • “Here, the private organizations and the government decides the standard and the growth of the country! The reason you heard private first is because, they constitute 80% of the economy of the country! that is 80-20 contribution with the government
  • For the requirement of healthy living… well, you don’t have time to think about healthy living when living itself becomes a competition in your region. You don’t even have time to think about such kind of stuff when you are running to catch the carrot that was tied to your head 2 feet away
  • In the requirement of second supplements, the Gambling of the first world through second is played really well! The actual production department for the demand is the third world countries. In most cases. The production percentage (in everything) will constitute around 75-80 % of the world needs. but, do they consume it? NOPE!

The best quality will eventually be exported for profits in terms of cash (I said them fools already), second quality will be exported and consumed for second world and domestic trades respectively. only the third quality of the products are consumed by the producers of the goods.

  • For the process of Development and Prosperity, the contribution of the 80% of private organizations take control of everything that’s for the Development of the region. They get the things from here, they produce things here, they export the first and second quality to the respective world orders and finally they trade the final quality to the final fools. Here, the condition of Environment, next generations living space, good air, good food… nothing will be considered in front of cash

The standard of the country will be declining and the competition will be inclining to pursue luxury instead of a standard growth.”
Even before he completes, the producers list strikes having the names of China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Iran. These are also the people who contributes to the name 3rd world countries.
“They don’t work for themselves, they just work for the betterment of the first world countries with their ass off. You might have a question! if all these improvements were produced in 2nd and 3rd world countries, what 1st will be trading for their living?”, he paused.
“At the beginning I don’t know but, now I know what’s KNOWLEDGE”, now for a change I paused.
No words spoken, he simply moved to the Silent (Loud) Sufferers of the World!
“Whatever we need to discuss were already discussed. Then, what else?”, puzzled look continues from me!
“That’s the place we need to know about the 4th world Countries!”, looking at the finished coffee mug. He continues to look at the empty mug without a noise.
“What are you looking at?”, asked politely.
“What if the mug doesn’t hold the capacity to contain its purpose?”, this question feels awkward.
“what’s the need for a philosophy class in between?”, asked raising my hands and eyebrows!
“Try to answer”, he insisted.
“I’ll find another mug”, I replied
“That broken mug is one among the 4th world countries”, he softened his soft tone! Like the answer I got from his single sentence earlier, these told a thousand answers! When the people have no possibilities of living in their country, they’ll eventually be refugees in other countries.
Just imagine the respect for them, for your kind information, you can only imagine it!
These coffee mugs are not only broken by their own but, also by the humans who doesn’t have the education to hold the mug.
Countries with these descriptions only have names! Those include Somalia, Mongolia and the broken coffee mugs are Sri Lanka, Libya, Sudan and Syria.
While I thought of going back, he just asked me a single question, “what are you going to do?”, watering the trees he planted.
Not going to believe in useless POLITICS and will try to plant at least 2 trees”, I paused.
“Try to remember the word USELESS in front of the mandatory word”, he replied.
Both were looking at each other having only one sentence to convey,

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