Bonjour people! From 1kv2ish

Kishore Vishwa

I’m a Freelance Content Writer and an SEO Executive working on diverse niche’s for companies and Independent websites. My Articles will be on Financial, Psychological and Health niches.

I write blogs in story forms based on a Content and Research that I had in it as an Individual Social Responsibility.

Work With Me

I was a Serial Entrepreneur who had tried more than 5 businesses from 2016 to 2019. While I was looking for my passion, I played the roles of an IT Employee and an IT freelancer in Cyber Security (Web app pen-testing), Stock trader & Analyst, Local Market veggies vendor, and a Merchandiser.

I found my passion in nothing but Writing so, I chose to become one and being one since January 2019.

With my experience in the working journey, I’m giving career guidance to those who are in need. My knowledge in the Psychology and Financial sector is helping me to give some better options through better understanding.